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About Us
We at Beverly's Cookie Fixin’s, Inc. have a very simple philosophy for doing business: Offer the very best product we can make, made fresh to every order, so that our customers can enjoy superior “scratch” foods prepared quickly and easily in their own kitchens. We don’t offer middle of the road quality. You can find that anywhere. We offer products that have been thoroughly tested and refined until they have reached a point of excellence that we are very proud to put our name on. So, what qualifies us to make this claim? An introduction to the brain trust of the company should help to answer that question.

The “BIG GUY” in the family, my husband Mike, is a food scientist with over 30 years of experience in food product development, manufacturing, and marketing. His life has been dedicated to the formulation and preparation of food products of uncompromising quality. His particular strength lies in the rare ability to differentiate literally thousands of flavor profiles, and then to recombine them to create the precise flavor nuances that separate “The Best” from the rest. This is what makes the difference between an ordinary cookie (or bread loaf, or cake, or soup, etc.); a very good cookie; a great cookie; and an exceptional cookie. We don’t stop at ordinary, very good, or even great. We want every product in our line to be exceptional.

The “CHEF” in the family, our daughter Amber, is a graduate chef from the Culinary Institute of America – the finest culinary school in the country (and regarded as one of the best in the world). She has undoubtedly inherited the ”BIG GUY’S” genes when it comes to discriminating taste buds, but has taken her skills to an even higher level through professional training and work experience in a “Five Star – Five Diamond” culinary environment. While at the C.I.A., she was invited to work and consult with the C.I.A.’s Culinary Olympic Team as they prepared for the 2000 Culinary Olympics because of these special skills. She makes sure that everything we offer is simple to prepare in even the most modest kitchens, and without the need to possess special baking or cooking skills.

And then there’s the “BOSS” (that’s me, Beverly). I have loved baking my entire life. With only one definition of quality, “The Best”, the highest standards have always been maintained and never compromised when it comes to what my family eats. I’m like most women today – with too much to do and too little time to do it in – and I understand the compromises most women (and their families) have to make at times in the kitchen. And it just doesn’t seem right that it has to be that way. That’s why we started this business. My goal is to make it possible for EVERY HOUSEHOLD to enjoy exceptional quality products that are easy to make (anyone can make these products) any time they wish. We have done the development and testing, sourced, carefully selected and combined the finest ingredients capable of going into a dry mix. All you have to add are the “wet” ingredients available at your supermarket. If you follow our simple instructions, you can make every product in our line to perfection – and to the total enjoyment of your family and friends. Our products also make wonderful and thoughtful gifts for almost every occasion.

Many people don’t bake today because of the effort (and time) required to dig out (or find) a good recipe (and then you’re not always certain how good it is), to gather the ingredients from the pantry or the store, and then to measure each out separately and precisely. Just the thought of it can put you off from getting started. As a result, you load the pantry with store bought mixes or ready-made products that are okay, if you just want to eat something (cookies, brownies, cakes, etc.)…. But they’re NOT of the quality that came from Mom’s or Grandma’s kitchen when they were made from scratch. Well, we want to take you back to that quality AND keep convenience in mind. So, we’ve done the shopping for you, using only the finest ingredients available, AND we’ve measured out most of what you’ll need to save you loads of time. These are SCRATCH recipes, the same scratch recipes we use in our kitchen for family and friends. You won’t have to worry whether these are good recipes, or not. Your taste buds will answer any questions you may have with the very first bite of any product offered by Beverly's Cookie Fixin’s, Inc., and you can count on that! So don’t feel that you have to rely on store bought cookies, cakes, biscotti, brownies, or mixes that have been formulated with the lowest ingredient costs being the main objective. Remember, when it comes to food, you get what you pay for. Our PRIMARY goal is to provide QUALITY that will be remembered and appreciated by those who truly want it, and for you to know that “you’ve baked it yourself.”

We invite you to surf through the entire website, read the product descriptions, and decide for yourself if you’re ready to take that step up to exceptional quality.

Thanks for stopping by and shopping at Beverly's Cookie Fixin’s, Inc.

Our Mission
To offer “SCRATCH” recipe products of exceptional quality consisting of combined dry ingredients that have been premeasured for the convenience of our customers. These products will be EASY to prepare, made from the finest ingredients available, and offer attractive presentation when served. Baking was once a treasured family tradition shared by the entire family. We hope to help restore this valuable tradition to bring families closer together in the kitchen and at the table as they enjoy the satisfaction and pleasure of real “Down Home” baking and cooking created by their own hands. We believe that you don’t have to be an expert baker to enjoy the finest homemade recipes, and have dedicated our skills and expertise to making this possible.


Cautionary Statement and Disclaimer
Many products offered by Beverly's Cookie Fixin’s, Inc. contain nuts and should be avoided by individuals with allergies to nuts. The presence of nuts (and their specific type) is clearly indicated in the “Mix Contains” statement for each product.

Some products contain sodium caseinate, which is derived from milk protein, and should be avoided by anyone with allergies to milk products. The “Mix Contains” statement clearly identifies sodium caseinate where present.

We do not add preservatives to our products. We recommend that they be stored in a cool dry place and away from direct sunlight. While dry mixes of this type usually have good shelf stability for 4 to 6 months, it is our strong recommendation that they be prepared within 30 days of receipt, in order for you to enjoy maximum freshness and performance.

All recipes and preparation instructions have been thoroughly tested. Beverly's Cookie Fixin’s, Inc. is not responsible for poor product performance when instructions have not been properly followed or executed. All baking times and temperatures are stated for standard range ovens (NOT convection ovens), and assume that your oven temperatures are correct for the indicated settings. We recommend that you test your oven with a reliable oven thermometer to verify that they are correct.

All products are made fresh to order under the strictest sanitary conditions and in a dedicated facility. Orders typically deliver within 10 to 14 days.

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