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  Wholesale and Food Service

When I decided to start my company I researched and tried to envision the types of foods and packaging that would have been sold by Texas general store merchants and restaurants during the 19th to early 20th Century; this was a time in history when all meals were prepared from SCRATCH with natural and fresh ingredients. With my products, I want to help restore that valuable tradition of real DOWN HOME baking.

Beverly’s Cookie Fixin’s, Inc. offers 28 varieties of Cookie Mixes, along with Brownie Mixes, Sweet Bread Mixes, Cake Mixes, Pancake and Waffle Mixes, Biscotti Mixes, and much, much more. All products must receive field test scores of 9’s and 10’s (on a 1 to 10 scale with 10 being best) to be considered for the line. This requirement alone tells our customers that they MUST be the best or they will not even be offered. The mixes are made fresh to order from the finest ingredients available and never shipped from a premade inventory. They are made one at a time (not on a mass assembly line), under strictly maintained sanitary conditions in our dedicated facility.

Each mix comes packed in a 4 mil poly bag that has been heat sealed for product integrity and then packaged in an attractive unbleached cotton muslin sack complete with draw string, and for a finishing touch, a decorative red wraphia ribbon tie. The colorful and unique BCF, Inc. labels are printed with the product name, list of ingredients and the convenient “You Add”, which lists the wet ingredients required for preparation and baking of the respective item. (Please note that mixes sold for Food Service ARE NOT packaged in unbleached cotton muslin sacks but rather in 2 mil frosty bags.)

BCF, Inc. mixes can be sold in retail shops, added to gift baskets, or baked on premises and served to diners.  I am very proud to offer my gourmet quality mixes to you, and I know that you, in turn, will be confident to sell and/or serve them to your valued patrons. 

My easy to prepare mixes . . . sack to baking in 10 minutes . . . would make delicious additions to your breakfast, lunch and dinner menus. My original recipes have been carefully refined by BCF, Inc. in-house food professionals, and the final formulations were converted into dry mixes comprised of the finest ingredients available. The company’s commitment to quality is uncompromising, as will be evident from the very first bite of any product selected. I would like you to see for yourself what gourmet mixes should REALLY taste like.  I am certain that you will agree that my mixes are “The Best on the Planet”.

BCF, Inc. offers three price list categories and they are available upon request:  Retail (for personal use), Wholesale* (for resale) and Food Service** (for preparing by your culinary staff). Please note that the prices indicated on the Wholesale and Food Service Price Lists are PER CASE [Six (6) mixes of the same product number are packed per case]. When placing wholesale or food service orders please contact me directly at 830-980-5831 or e-mail the company at Retail orders can be placed directly on my website at .

The following information (where applicable) is required when placing Wholesale or Food Service orders:

Contact Person

Name of Business

Mailing Address

Telephone Number

Fax Number

E-mail address

Tax I.D. # (Not Required for Retail Sales)

Visa and Master Card Accepted

Indicate Whether Wholesale or Food Service Order


* When purchasing at Wholesale Prices a minimum order of one case [Six (6) mixes of the same product number are packed per case.] is required.

** When purchasing at Food Service Prices a minimum order of one case [Six (6) mixes of the same product number are packed per case.] is required.



Cautionary Statement and Disclaimer
Many products offered by Beverly's Cookie Fixin’s, Inc. contain nuts and should be avoided by individuals with allergies to nuts. The presence of nuts (and their specific type) is clearly indicated in the “Mix Contains” statement for each product.

Some products contain sodium caseinate, which is derived from milk protein, and should be avoided by anyone with allergies to milk products. The “Mix Contains” statement clearly identifies sodium caseinate where present.

We do not add preservatives to our products. We recommend that they be stored in a cool dry place and away from direct sunlight. While dry mixes of this type usually have good shelf stability for 4 to 6 months, it is our strong recommendation that they be prepared within 30 days of receipt, in order for you to enjoy maximum freshness and performance.

All recipes and preparation instructions have been thoroughly tested. Beverly's Cookie Fixin’s, Inc. is not responsible for poor product performance when instructions have not been properly followed or executed. All baking times and temperatures are stated for standard range ovens (NOT convection ovens), and assume that your oven temperatures are correct for the indicated settings. We recommend that you test your oven with a reliable oven thermometer to verify that they are correct.

All products are made fresh to order under the strictest sanitary conditions and in a dedicated facility. Orders typically deliver within 10 to 14 days.

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